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Heated Seat Covers
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Heated Seat Covers








Heated Golf Mitts


Heated Seat Covers

The Heated Golf Cart Seat Cover is available in a variety of colors and can be installed to any bench style seat golf cart. Just hook up to the cart¹s battery with the provided power plug and enjoy a warm bum on those chilly morning rounds of golf. Constructed with a durable Sunbrella® fabric that is fade and mildew resistant, it is the same quality fabric that has been relied on to be used in a variety of marine products for years. An added feature is the additional accessory plug which allows users to plug their heated golf mitts directly to the seat cover making for a true interconnected system without a separate installation to the cart¹s battery. Comes with an on/off switch for power control or you can order a temp controller to dial in your desired heat output.

Available Colors: Beige, Burgundy, Navy, Forest Green



The Heated Cart Mitts are waterproof and wired for serious heat allowing the golfer to stay both warm and dry. Simply attach to any golf cart¹s battery or use one of their portable battery packs to strap to your push cart or bring it along with you anywhere, it¹s portable! The sealed lead battery will heat a pair of mitts for over seven hours and comes with a convenient carrying case. A nice feature on the mitts are a thumb and forefinger snap so the golfer can attach the mitts to the golf cart steering wheel, go play there shot, and then find them exactly where they left them, ready for their hands to be submerged into the soothing warmth. You have to have your hands out to steer the golf cart or push cart, why not keep them warm and dry with some heated mitts?

Available Colors: Black, Orange, Navy



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