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Light bar with grill for Club Car $165.00


Light Grill Kit with Headlights, Tail Lights and Harness

#GCT1C530HK  $225.00

Headlight set for Yamaha     $99.00


Headlight set for EZ-GO     $99.00


Tail Light fit most Yamaha and Club Car carts       $35.00


Light bar with grill for EZGO $165.00


Light Grill Kit with Headlights, Tail Lights and Harness

#GCT1E536K $210.00

Tail Light fit most EZGO       $45.00


Chrome Light Kits for Club Car Was $235.00 on sale now $199.00


Universal Turn Signal Switch





EZGO 95 and up Headlight-Taillight Kit

EZGO TXT/Medalist Light bar/Tail Lights kit/Brackets/Short Harness $194.00

Light Bar Only $99.00

Light Bar Brackets Only $15.00

Short Wire Harness For Light Bar Only $20.0

Parts below 1 through 5 are for adding lights to a Marathon 88-mid 94

1) Front Cowl Cap, E-Z-GO, 88-94

Black plastic front cowl cap with recessed headlights for E-Z-GO Freedom models, also use for installing headlights on standard 1988 to 1994 E-Z-Go without headlights.



Item#: Front For Lights     Price: $85.00


2) Headlight Assembly,  E-Z-GO, one unit


Flush mounted headlight, one piece molded, 12 volts, includes mounting bracket.



Item#: Headlights     Price: $75.00     Pair


3) Turn Signal Lights, E-Z-GO, 12 volt

Turn signal light, 12 volt, 2 3/4 inches wide, 2 inches high




Item#: Turn Signals     Price: $15.00     Pair


4) Tail & Turn Light Assembly, E-Z-GO, 12 volt

12 Volt tail light assembly with rubber grommet mount, can be mounted directly to the body; red lens




Item#: Price: $45.00     Pair


5) End Caps  EZGO




Item#: Rear Fender Caps (For Taillights Just Cut Out Hole In Fender Caps Like Shown Here)     Price: $69.95 pair

To place a order call us at Toll Free 866-324-9901 or Email

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